Quebec Heraldry

There are many cities in Quebec which have been granted or have assumed coats of arms. Although Quebec has been part of a monarchy since its foundation, there is a strong anti-monarchist feeling in this province, so many civic authorities do not feel the need to have arms properly granted by a monarch they (or many of their citizens) do not support. Cities marked with maple leaves have legally granted arms, while those marked with a single green leaf have fine arms which should be granted. Blue dots mark poorly designed arms which have no legal authority behind them (note: the difference between the green leaf and the blue dot reflects my opinions, nothing more).

If you know of any coats of arms that I've missed (and there are lots, I know), please let me know where I can find them (or mail me a colour copy that I can scan). Any page with the badge of the Heraldry Society of Canada is one where I scanned the coat of arms from an HSC publication, either Beddoe's Canadian Heraldry, or an article in Heraldry in Canada. Credit where credit is due.

Arms of the province of Quebec.

Arms of Québec, Que.

Arms of Acton Vale, Que.

Arms of Amos, Que.

Arms of Anjou, Que.

Arms of Beauport, Que.

Arms of Brossard, Que.

Arms of Canton de Potton, Que.

Arms of Chateauguay, Que.

Arms of Chicoutimi, Que.

Arms of Danville, Que.

Arms of East Angus, Que.

Arms of Hull (in French) and a bad translation

Arms of Gatineau, Que.

Arms (and Armoiries) of LaSalle, Que. (also here).

Arms of Amos, Que.

Armoiries (or Arms) of Longueuil, Que.

Arms of Loretteville, Que.

Arms of Montreal (in French) and a bad translation

Arms of Perce, Que.

Arms of Rawdon, Que.

Arms of Rosemere, Que.

Arms of Saint Cyrille de Lessard, Que.

Arms of Saint Eugene, Que.

Arms of Saint Eugene-du-Ladriere, Que.

Armoiries (or Arms) of Saint Leonard, Que.

Armoiries (or Arms) of Saint Pierre, Que.

Arms of Saint Fabien de Panet, Que.

Arms of Saint Georges, Que.

Arms of St. Lambert, Que.

Arms of St.-Laurent, Que.

Arms of Senneville, Que.

Arms of Thetford Mines, Que.

Arms of Westmount, Que.

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