The Heraldry Quiz!

Identify the following shield/crest/achievement (note- the best response will be in the form of "The arms of Nunavut", "the crest of Sir John A. Macdonald", or "The dexter supporter of the Alberta chapter of the Royal Canadian Fresh-Water Fishing Society". You don't need to blazon the arms. Partial answers or wild guesses are more likely to win than not playing at all!).

Identify this one, too!

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The winner of the contest will be announced sometime after the end of each month (or after I get a correct response, whichever comes last), as long as they gave me a correct email address. Prizes will be awarded, but unless I get a sponsor (or a higher wage), they will be rather skinflint. (You get to see your name on the winner's page- what more do you want?)

This page is inspired by (or a cheap ripoff of, depending on who you ask) Dave Futcher's Name That Flag contest.

The winners' names will be posted here.

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